Recycling and Waste

Recently we’ve been in touch with the local council as the situation at the Chilcott Court bin store wasn’t good. The problem here is due to the store serving too many properties, not enough bins to cater for all the waste generated.

The council’s view is such that they are urging us to recycle more  and waste less. We’ve added a smaller waste bin to the store in order to prevent any waste bags being left on the floor but we still ask you to look at what you are throwing away as it could well be recycled instead. Please also use both waste bins and not to pile everything into one – if you cannot get to the 2nd bin you may have to move one to get through – release the brake, move it and reapply the brake.

To encourage recycling, the council are offering free reusable recycling bags to anyone who would like them. Please contact us via the website I will endeavour to get one delivered to your property. If you don’t like bags and have space for some boxes, I bought some stackable boxes online ( Though I’m sure you can get them from Amazon, they seem to have everything!

What you can/can’t put in the brown recycling bins:

3026 TV Brown Bin Sticker AW-August.2014

You can take a range of other items to the Local Recycling Centre in Fleming Avenue, near the shops.   This includes:

  • Glass bottles and jars,
  • Food and Drinks Cartons – in the large green bin
  • Aluminium foil – in the small yellow bin
  • Textiles shoes and clothing – Salvation Army  and Air Ambulance bank
  • Books/CD’s/DVD’s and bric-a- brac – Salvation Army  and  British Heart Foundation

For more information on recycling you can visit the website:

Please remember that any large items should be taken to the nearest household recycling centre:

Bunny Lane HRC


near Romsey

SO51 0PG


Woodside Avenue


SO50 9ES


City Depot and Recycling Park

First Avenue


SO15 0LJ


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