Borden Way

Borden Way

Your Leasehold Director:

Juliette Owens


Your Borden Way Representative:

Pat Axford, #35
Tel: 07727 269294



Window cleaning is every six weeks and communal cleaning is every week

Reserve Fund

An annual maintenance fee is collected from Leaseholders to carry out essential works on the flat blocks. Regular maintenance could include any issues relating to the communal areas and electrical work. The maintenance fee takes account of potential larger issues that may arise in any particular year or over time e.g. guttering, external doors, intercom replacement.

Purchase of Freehold

Under the terms of the head lease the Management Company can purchase the freehold for ten and a half times the annual rent of all the flats. The head lease can only be purchased if the majority of leaseholders vote to exercise this option.

Important Documents

Electrical Test Certificate – Borden Way

Risk Assessment 2013