Gas Meter Boxes (Chilcott Court)

Back in mid-2012 some kids decided to use the gas meter boxes as mini-ramps for their scooters – needless to say there was some damage. During a boiler service it was noticed that my meter box was flooded due to the lack of drainage hole in the bottom. Even though I replaced the lid and […]

Bin Stores / Rubbish

Willow Services, our grounds management contractor, have added combination locks to the bin stores for Harris Way and Chilcott Court flats. The door to the Harris Way bin store has also been fixed. The locks are to ensure the rubbish store is only used by residents for whom it was intended for. Please ensure you […]

Notice served to RMG

RMG have been served notice and will cease involvement in the estate on 31st October 2014.

Cleaning of windows outside flats

From January 2015 onwards the outside of your windows will be cleaned every six weeks by the management company and paid for out of the annual maintenance fee. This only applies to the blocks of flats and does not apply to the flats over garages.