Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Advisory

One of our residents contacted us about a possible safety issue and asked us to let people know.

From James Bateman (

“I believe we have discovered a safety issue with the boilers installed
on the site.  I have spoken to a few neighbours here in Folland Close,
but it may be that the entire site has these same boilers; if you
think it appropriate, are you be able to disseminate this information?

The electrical connection to the Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 is unable to
handle the load when the boiler is used in Emergency Electrical Backup
mode.  This is only necessary if gas is unavailable, as it was in our
case because of faulty components.  We discovered this fault after we
had used this backup mode intermittently for just over a week.  The
electrician replacing the switch remarked that the components were
adequate but the installation was poorly executed.

A photograph is attached which shows the extent of the damage on the
reverse of the switch.  Cracks were just starting to appear on the
front.  This could easily have caused a fire right next to the copper
gas pipes.”


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