Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Advisory

One of our residents contacted us about a possible safety issue and asked us to let people know. From James Bateman ( “I believe we have discovered a safety issue with the boilers installed on the site.  I have spoken to a few neighbours here in Folland Close, but it may be that the entire […]

Save money on your Management Charge

The invoices sent out by Whizz Estates on behalf of the management company are for the total amount due. However you can save five percent if you pay by the end of January and register your email address on the web site. For example: If you don’t live in a flat and only pay the […]

Test Valley Borough Council to Maintain Additional Open Spaces.

  From 2015 onwards the areas marked in red on the plan marked ‘Areas Maintained by TVBC’ will be maintained by Test Valley Borough Council when they look after the other public open spaces that they are responsible for. This will be cost effective and will mean that all the grass is cut at the […]

Correspondence by email

If you have already registered your email address with the management company you will have received your Annual Management Charge by email. This saves the management company postage costs and reduces future management charges for us all. If you have not registered your email address yet, then please go to the web site and register […]

5% Discount on Annual Maintenance Charge

You can receive a 5% discount on your Annual Maintenance Charge if you register to receive correspondence by email and pay your account in full by the end of January.  The 5% discount is not applicable to old debts, payment by standing order or ground rent. Payment in full includes payment of all outstanding debts […]

£29,000 Budget Reduction

The resident directors have reduced the annual budget by almost £29,000 compared with RMG’s 2014 budget. This makes a saving on the estate charge of almost £120 per household.