What is Knights Grove Management Company?

Knights Grove (North Baddesley) Management Company was set up by the developers to manage the areas of land that are left over when the estate was built. For the leasehold residents in the flats, Knights Grove Management Company also manages the communal areas and looks after the structure of the buildings.
Building insurance for the flats and applicable garages is also maintained by the management company.
Until May 2014 the Directors of Knights Grove were Directors of RMG (formally CPM) who were appointed as managing agents by the developers Taylor Wimpey.
At an EGM in May 2014 the first resident Director was appointed and shortly after, two other resident Directors were appointed.
The RMG directors stood down when the resident Directors were appointed. RMG ceased involvement in the estate on 31 October 2014.
A number of new directors have been appointed in September 2022.

The Directors


Alison Lyons – elected September 2022

I moved to the estate with my family in 2015. I have a long career history in health and social care, my current role is regional head of operations.


Gary Lyons – elected September 2022

I’ve lived on Knights Grove since 2015. I’m very pleased to be contributing to the excellent work of our Management Company do in keeping the estate great.

Leasehold Director

Lee Foster – elected September 2022

Having worked in Avionics internationally for many years I am now semi-retired with a local part time job. We have lived on the estate for 5 years after moving from Chandlers Ford.

Finance Director

Roger Lamb – elected May 2021

I moved onto the estate in 2020. I have a background in accountancy and business growth, running my own coaching practice.

Membership Director

Jane Lee – elected September 2021

I moved to the Estate in 2021. My early career was in project management within the telecoms industry and since having a family I have moved into office management in the private healthcare sector.

Estate Director

Nigel Robertson – elected July 2021

I have lived on the estate with my two children since 2007, they have since grown up and moved to their own places. I am a Chartered Engineer in the electronics industry.

Current Non-Director Board Members who have given up their time to help

IT Support – Peter Tse – since April 2016

I bought a house on the estate in 2013 where I live with my wife and young boy. I work in data management for a software company.

Estate Support – Jennifer Arkell – since May 2021

I moved onto the estate in 2018 having lived in the area since 2006. I work locally and have a young family.

Leasehold Support – Julie Cole – since January 2020

I have lived on the estate since 2005. I recently retired from my position as a senior nurse with the NHS but continue to work on a part-time basis.

If you would like to help the Directors and be involved in the Management Company in any way please contact us.