Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Estate

Question What is Knights Grove (North Baddesley) Management Company Limited?
Answer: Knights Grove (North Baddesley) Management Company Limited was set up by the developers when the estate was built. The Management Company manages the areas of land coloured mauve on the Estate Plan.
For the leasehold residents in the flats, Knights Grove (North Baddesley) Management Company manages the communal areas and gardens. The Management Company also looks after the structure of the building and takes out buildings insurance for the flats and applicable garages.

Question: Who are members of the Management Company?
Answer: Any private freeholder or leaseholder on the estate whether they are resident on the estate or not. Affordable Housing tenants on the estate are not members of the Management Company.

Question: Now that RMG are no longer managing agents what happens to the sum that RMG claimed I owed them?
Answer: Any debt owed to RMG was a debt to the Management Company and still stands. Therefore any outstanding debt has to be paid but payments should be made to Whizz Estates.

Question: Do we have to pay the additional charge for the period 2005 – 2010 that RMG levied in March 2012 and later put on hold?
Answer: Yes. Although these charges were never substantiated by RMG and led to a lot of bad feeling regarding RMG’s competence, they must still be paid.

Question: What happens if I do not settle my account or if I withhold payment?
Answer: Then the other members of the Management Company who are paying their charges are subsidising you.  You will incur additional charges and steps will be taken to recover the debt.

Question: I am selling my property. Who does my solicitor need to contact?

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Mark Polkinghorne
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Tel: 023 8090 8090
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Contact Legal enquires here

Question: I intend to let my property do I have to inform the management company?
Answer: Yes it is important that you do, contact and supply your new address and the date it is effective from.
There will be no charge for updating our records.
You will still be responsible for the management charges and if you are a Leaseholder the ground rent as well. If you have a mortgage you should also inform your mortgage provider.
You must provide a gas safe certificate for any rented property that has gas.



Frequently Asked Questions by Flat Leaseholders

Question: Why do I pay Ground Rent?
Answer: In accordance with your Lease Knights Grove (North Baddesley) Management Company Limited collects the ground rent. The annual rent is payable in two equal parts in advance on 1st January and 1st July each year.

Question: Who owns the freehold of the flats?
Answer: Taylor Wimpey.

Question: Is there a Head Lease?
Answer: There is an Agreement for a Head Lease however a Head Lease has never been issued.

Question: Who is the ground rent paid to?
Answer: Taylor Wimpey provided a contract for the sale of the freehold reversion to a company called Regisport Limited. However the contract does not come into force until a Head Lease is granted. As there is no Head Lease then the contract does not apply. Since January 2015 the Management Company are withholding payment of the Ground Rent until such time as Taylor Wimpey issue a Head Lease.

Question: Why do I pay Buildings Insurance with my management charge?
Answer: This is the normal way to insure flats to make sure that all the flats are insured in case of a claim, and it is a requirement in the Lease. You should arrange your own contents insurance.

Question: How do I report a fault or repair?
Answer: Contact your Block Representative. The name and flat number of your Block Representative is on the notice board, or you can find it here under the menu flats then select your block from the dropdown menu.

Question: Can I dispose of bulk refuse or old furniture in the bin store?
Answer: Definitely not! The bin store is for household refuse only. Bulk refuse should be taken to the tip. Alternatively, Test Valley Borough Council has a chargeable bulky waste collection service.

Question: Can I put a small table outside my front door in the communal area?
Answer: The communal landings and stairwells are a fire escape route and must be kept absolutely clear at all times.

Question: Can I store things in the electrical cupboard on the landing?
Answer: Absolutely not. This would not only be a fire hazard but could also encourage children to use or even worse play in the electrical cupboard! Electrical cupboards must be kept locked at all times.

Question: I would like to have Sky, can I have a new satellite dish put up?
Answer: We can’t have any additional dishes put up on the building but we do have a shared dish. When contacting your provider inform them that a shared dish already exists and that you only need a connection to the junction box.