Gas Meter Boxes (Chilcott Court)

Back in mid-2012 some kids decided to use the gas meter boxes as mini-ramps for their scooters – needless to say there was some damage.

During a boiler service it was noticed that my meter box was flooded due to the lack of drainage hole in the bottom. Even though I replaced the lid and drained the box, my gas meter had stopped working. It took me the better part of a year to get it replaced – though this was down to the customer service at my energy provider.

So, I’m urging all owners with gas meter boxes on the car park side of the building to get them checked out/lids replaced. Unfortunately I found out that the box is part of your property – your energy supplier own the meter but the box is your responsibility.


I bought a lid from here:

It’s an easy process to replace, but if you have any issues, please use the contact form and I can come give you a hand.

Director – Leasehold

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